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Savta's Garden

by RitaRita

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VERSE ONE My solo cosmic evolution Across the black sky sea Was star charts, confusion and bottled telemetry CHORUS A magic trick floats through my lips And asks for open hands Into promised lands VERSE TWO You are here like I knew you’d be But illusions are mixing with my reality My odyssey down rabbit holes Of mechanized interpol's Left me in hands of fate for evening tea CHORUS BRIDGE Give it space x8 CHORUS
VERSE ONE Spinning off her axis Waiting in line for the sun Rita-go-round a nova Can anyone Clean the chalkboard Give an answer To her majesty unknown And her cycle forming universe That arranges all our bones CHORUS On the outside My orbit’s on the outside And that’s where I’m headed to VERSE TWO Martian Man came ‘round the bend Wearing narcoleptic eyes ‘Scuse me ma’am I’m on the move Do you have a place to hide? Introduced myself to stars A million mirrors wide You’ve been out to the infinities While I’ve been passing time CHORUS BRIDGE Bengal parker lost at sea Did you come here to save me? I could take your place you know? Finally find some rest at home I’ve spun this rock from the same location Then he gave me the keys to his space station Outside
CHORUS Jimi, genius, may I please Pick a blossom from your tree Find the groove and follow it to the end I was told in a dream VERSE ONE What are bruises anyway? Purple lessons or mistakes I hear the hurt and I dim the beams This machine is playing me BRIDGE Stuck I am Stuck I’ve been Let me move Beyond my skin I pray the space Between head and hands Will erase On my command VERSE TWO Build me like a jigsaw puzzle I guarantee no trouble I already lined the frame In your name, in your name FINAL CHORUS Jimi, genius, may I please Pick a blossom from your tree Find the groove and follow it to the end I was told in a dream Think I know what it means
VERSE ONE Look at me like a silhouette Round out the corners of your protagonist Out from the shadows Fade from black, I am back And here I’ll stay CHORUS Doing my best to pick up speed Watch with your ears and you will see These great expectations won’t hold me VERSE TWO I’ve been bent, I’ve been broken But I hope into a better shape Dickens said it best Suppose he prophesied my fate If these years are my novel Read the pages in between I hear the story picks up after chapter eighteen CHORUS BRIDGE Rumours bounce off the wall Like we’re in a concert hall Defy, exceed, I’m on my knees The truth lies scattered in these A, B, C’s VERSE THREE Standing here before you Riding this train down the tracks When I decided to go rogue Risk and reward filled my backpack I’ll give you my love, I’ll give you pain Here’s the fruition of my right brain Don’t judge this book without knowing how it ends CHORUS
VERSE ONE One step more Reinforce the floor If you slip through It’s not on you Until I clear the door VERSE TWO Watched your tread The cargo of your head If you should stay Locked in these days Who should lock the rest? CHORUS Oh I’d condensate my consciousness Into the space the holds This house in the air We’ll find some peace of mind To know in forward time we’re here VERSE THREE How’s the view Overwhelming you? Fortune found Hung wits from the ground Good thing I was around CHORUS BRIDGE We don’t know much of anything here But we’re all caught up in props of bad timing Curtain close, intermission chose us Now grow our limbs we shall Into this shadow’s shell CHORUS
Deetales 04:05
VERSE ONE My blood Belongs to me now My back Was breaking From stacking heaven’s bricks CHORUS Deetales Are vying for Your attention My mind Comes from yours Think it’s time we sync them VERSE TWO Once I hit the ice box you pull me in Fast to forgive when nostalgia begins What am I from the nest Who’da guess I’d go this way Oh I’d go this way CHORUS BRIDGE Understand I am not the man You want me to be CHORUS
Rita Lands 03:25
VERSE ONE Soakin’ the sun with the dodo birds Always on holiday Snuck in a high for a little while Paper dreams burn up in space CHORUS Catch me fighting the current I go way back with gravity Time moves slow in the moment Is this the nowhere I want to be How could I be here and everywhere Did the tide fold me to the sea Landed before I could make amends With the hands of curiosity VERSE TWO Riots for reasons I don’t want to admit Throwing trash in the can like I’m over it Who’s looking at me? Who’s ringing my bell? Is she pleased to deceive and steal the smoke I inhale CHORUS BRIDGE Hop on, we are going up One size fits all for now If I tell you I’m scared Can I take my bow? CHORUS
VERSE ONE Animatronic movements Programmed how to lose it Led by the shit brains who set your course No longer an innocent collection Of coils and plugs Just a hollowed out control center With a shiny, mechanic front CHORUS (Reboot the boy) Set back his clock to when we were boys ‘Cause right now Kyle is a robot VERSE TWO I’m not a fan Of this techno funk you’re in Your currents aren’t flowing Toxins replaced your skin Smoke billowing out Too much pressure inside Did you build your bones like this Or will you blame Dr. Frankenstein? CHORUS BRIDGE Two pumping hearts Walking through the woods No dreams of electric sheep Only leaving this neighborhood Eyes glued to Coppola and Kubrick Watching time like a movie screen I was the audience to past time Now I know your script before you read
Round Back 04:26
VERSE ONE That’s a wrap on memory For tonight and what you see Did you feel or soak in dreams In these waves of energy CHORUS Round back We’re rounding back We’re always spinning And we’re going back We’re rounding back Back to beginning In the orbit of our cul de sacs With questions tacked To the ceiling And we’ll never know the meaning Of these days But that’s okay So here’s some thanks We’ll still be here When you need to play VERSE TWO Magnetize ourselves to you If we’re lucky and in tune None of this belongs to us We only find it when we don’t look CHORUS BRIDGE We can sink forever inwards And there are moments when we do We shrink smaller in these constellations If we run from clues CHORUS


All songs written, arranged and recorded by RitaRita
Produced by Eli Pafumi and Buck AE Down
Engineered by Alec Sherrie

Recorded 9.17 – 12.18 at Flying Penguin Studios – Sterling, VA & Denver, CO
Mixed at Seaward Studios – North Hollywood, CA

Art Design by Jere Pafumi
Management/Booking: Eli Pafumi / ritaritamusic@gmail.com
Executive Producers: Paul Deveaux, Hunter Parrish and Shane Crowe


This album is dedicated to Savta and Grammy for planting seeds in the ground that grew into a home where we could create our way up to the cosmos.

Special thank you to Helen Murray, Scott and Meghan Pafumi, Livna Yevnin, Steve and Sylvia Seiden, the Woessner family, the Vetsch family, the Fox family, the Bassett family, Myron and Lynn Hanke, Craig Pascal and Victor Shargai, Pete Blondin, Ted Haley, Jason Lott, Emily Howell, Lolita Clayton, Stephanie Whitehouse, My-Van Nguyen, Catlyn Luster, Kristen Egermeier, Adam Solomon, Kevin Nugent, Michele Bair, Pat and Jenny Nugent, Bill Seiden, Margalit Murray, Natasa Klasinc-Loncar and all our other incredible backers who brought this album to life.


released January 4, 2019

Fall into Daydreams
Music by Eli Pafumi
- guitar, keys: Eli Pafumi
- bass: Buck AE Down
- drums: Jere and Eli Pafumi
- voices: mom and dad

give it space
Music by Jere and Eli Pafumi
Lyrics by Helen Murray and Rita Pafumi
- guitar, drums, vocals: Jere Pafumi
- guitar, bass, vocals: Eli Pafumi

Rita Earns The Keys to Martian Man’s Space Station
Music and Lyrics by Eli Pafumi
- guitar, bass, percussion, keys/synth, vocals: Eli Pafumi
- drums, vocals: Jere Pafumi

Great Expectations
Music and Lyrics by Eli Pafumi
- guitar, vocals: Eli Pafumi
- bass, keys/synth: Buck Down
- drums: Jere Pafumi

Prayer to The Experienced (with the band)
Music and Lyrics by Eli Pafumi
- guitar, vocals: Eli Pafumi
- drums: Jere Pafumi
- bass: Jake Stanbro
- keys: Chris Russo

House in the Air
Music and Lyrics by Eli Pafumi
- guitar, bass, drums, synth, vocals: Eli Pafumi
- vocals: Jere Pafumi
- synth: Buck AE Down
- keys: Andrew Tufano
- saxophone: Chris Ferrari

Music and Lyrics by Eli Pafumi
- guitar, bass, keys/synth, vocals: Eli Pafumi
- drums, vocals: Jere Pafumi
- vocals: Mollie Jane
- voices: dad

Rita Lands
Music and Lyrics by Eli Pafumi
- guitar, bass, keys/synth, vocals: Eli Pafumi
- drums, vocals: Jere Pafumi
- cello: Caitie Noles
- voices: Rita

Kyle is a robot!
Music and Lyrics by Eli Pafumi
- guitar, bass, keys/synth, vocals: Eli Pafumi
- drums, vocals: Jere Pafumi
- voices: Kyle

Round Back
Music and Lyrics by Eli Pafumi
- guitar, keys/synth, vocals: Eli Pafumi
- drums, synth, vocals: Jere Pafumi
- bass: Jake Stanbro


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